• Do you have a "What if" moment that you think defines your life? "What if" didn't happen, so come Monday, get over it and move on.
  • When you're with opinionated, self-absorbed people, one strategy is to attempt to let them talk themselves out. Try it and see what happens, realizing some people may never reach that point.
  • Experiment this coming week: Accept everything that comes your way as part of a bigger plan. Don't get upset; look at the big picture, even if it's out of focus.
  • How often does stopping to help someone result in you getting help in return? Stop and help yourself...I mean someone else... daily.
  • Are the innovative opportunities you have to get better few and far between or in front of you all the time? If you're paying attention, the correct answer is "all the time," so start keeping track.  - Mike Brown

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