Someone remarked recently about how well the Brainzooming process identifies strategic connections among apparently disparate items. Taking the best advantage of possibilities and strategic themes is central to the efficiency of what we do.  Our ability to do this creates stronger integration for strategic business initiatives. Finding connections between more things that could make sense together catalyzes the planning process by allowing us to dramatically expand the range of strategic possibilities a client is able to consider.

To improve your own skills at making strategic connections, here are some strategic thinking tips:

  • When your strategic thinking is focused on multiple ideas, use techniques such as mind mapping which help you to innovatively think through other possibilities the ideas suggest.
  • As you consider multiple dimensions to your ideas, look for strategic relationships (i.e. things that matter) among them.
  • The more relationships you can consider, the more options you have to find meaningful connections which are compelling relative to your business objective.

It takes practice, but these three strategic thinking tips will help you innovatively make more strategic sense of many (often seemingly unrelated) business events.   - Mike Brown

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