Several years ago, I was attending an adult religious education class because of my wife during a period where I had declared myself an agnostic – not really believing in much of anything spiritually.

During one class, participants were asked to share how they'd used prayer in their lives. One person talked about how he would pray for help in moments of crisis or confusion and that typically an idea would pop into his head. He credited God with providing the ideas. I turned to my wife and whispered, “Ideas pop into my head all the time. I just thought I was that good!”

Since then, I’ve gone through a re-conversion experience and have realized that the man in class was correct. It’s become clear to me that prayer makes a huge difference in creativity. It may be a prayer to be of service to a strategic thinking session’s participants or for their openness & positivity. It may be simply giving thanks for a tough session being over.

No matter what your creativity challenge, don’t be reluctant to communicate with the greatest creative force in the universe. Trust me; you can always use the help!