Feel like it's tough to generate consistent social media content to share through your outlets?

Or maybe at times it seems as if you have a whole bunch of social media content lined up? In either situation, here's my best strategic advice: Space out sharing the content you have!

  • Content-SpreadIf you get a really good run at writing blog posts, don't publish the two or three blog posts you've written at one time or even in one day. Hold the additional one(s) for a time when you need something fresh.
  • If you have a bunch of pictures from an event, don't upload them all at once. Share a few at a time over a week.
  • Have an extra long blog post in the hopper? Divide it into two or three shorter blog posts and create a series that fills up a whole week. You can use the same strategy with long videos as well by editing them into multiple, shorter segments.

Taking this social media strategy advice means you can extend your content, give your readers something more manageable to digest, and save yourself some content creation time to focus on other social media listening and participation opportunities, or heck, even to live your life! – Mike Brown


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