W5, a market research company based in Durham, NC is a strong proponent of “design driven deliverables,” defined as “any method of communicating research findings that goes beyond the standard research report.”

In a time when it seems like attention spans continue to decline, it's fundamental to be able to form research results into meaningful stories that carry an impact with your audience. Very often, if you're willing to push your thinking and spend some time on a deliverable, the right communication vehicle is anything but a standard research report.

W5 considers four types of design driven deliverables:

  • Graphic – Results depicted visually in posters, booklets, stickers, note cards, etc.
  • Sensory – Stimuli that engage the senses in various ways, including textures, audio, video, and smells.
  • Experiential – An interactive presentation of results in ideation sessions, dramatization, experiential tours, immersion rooms.
  • Installation – Physical environments that convey understanding, including displays, large scale murals, shadow boxes, and artifact installations.

You can check out more information through W5 white papers on this and other topics at company’s website. - Mike Brown