During a personal creative strategy meeting, a client was discussing strategic options involved in a current entrepreneurial venture. I asked him if he were up for a hard truth, which he said he was. I told him based on perspectives he had shared with me, I suspected he didn't like what he was doing currently.

Not-Thru-StreetHe admitted that was the case, but since it is the only thing he can do, he is stuck continuing to pursue his current course of action.

I started listing new things he was doing either prominently or as a sideline in his business. He had no involvement with any of them just a few years ago.

So while he claimed he was pursuing the only viable career option before him, there are a whole variety of ways he could repackage, grow, and adapt his capabilities to create a more satisfying venture - financially, emotionally, and professionally.

It was simply a matter of looking at his situation objectively and with my point of view, which is more favorable about his prospects than his own view of them.

Value in an Objective Perspective on Your Personal Creative Strategy

We all need this type of objective perspective.

As I was discussing with someone last week, none of us can get outside our own heads to see things objectively. We live inside ourselves, and that's our view. It takes someone else to observe the things we could NEVER see about ourselves.

If you are wrestling with these types of issues and need a challenging, but creative and positive perspective to get you moving in a different direction, let us know.

While we talk more about our work with organizations and groups, we apply our Brainzooming methodology in working with individuals all the time. From a one-time meeting, call, or online collaborative session to a series of personal creative interactions, The Brainzooming Group is here to jumpstart your personal success just as we do for organizations.

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