When individuals download our free Results!!! mini-Book, we ask a question about the biggest strategy implementation opportunity or challenge the individual is facing in his or her organization. One reason for asking the question is to identify organizational change topics we can address here.

Someone downloaded Results!!! and listed “unfreezing (a) team, moving forward, and preparing for growth” as the strategic task at hand. The clarity and directness of this strategic challenge prompted me to assemble this list of organizational change articles focused on these three areas.

Unfreezing a Team

Unfreezing a team begins with identifying the strategic path from where an organization is to where it needs to go and eliminating roadblocks along the way.


Moving Forward

Whatever the hesitancy to innovate has been, unfreezing a team involves identifying and launching the steps (even the small steps) to make progress.

Preparing for Growth

Preparing for growth involves using today’s resources to aggressively build for a bigger and more robust future.

Keys to Organizational Change and Innovation

We’re exploring new ways to package Brainzooming content to address reader and client business opportunities and challenges. Look for more of these types of compilations to help you go to school quickly on business situations you face. - Mike Brown


10 Keys to Engaging Stakeholders to Improve Strategic Results

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