A frequently asked question when preparing a planning or innovation session is, "Should we go offsite?" The quick answer is, "Get a room.” There are a number of advantages:

  • It looks different – The surroundings will be different than the typical work setting, and a key to great idea generation is to see things from a different perspective.
  • It's flexible – You can spec out a size (much more space per person than a typical conference room) and configuration (not a u-shape) typically unavailable in a fixed office conference room. The extra square footage and alternative setup allow you to have even the room contribute to successful ideation.
  • It removes some logistics pressure – Knowing there’s facility staff available to address room, materials, food, and beverage issues so you can focus on the session participants provides HUGE peace of mind.

So go ahead, make the investment, and get a room…even if you do have to rent it by the hour!