As you look ahead, what are your thoughts on developing your future-looking strategy? With all the disruption to normalcy, is winging your strategy making more sense to you than going through formal 2021 strategy planning?

The big message we’re hearing from leaders is that they know they need strong flexible strategies. Yet, with all the disruption (okay, the outright craziness) 2020 continues to throw at us, it’s nearly impossible to think about, let alone tackle, 2021 strategy planning.

That’s why we’ve been calling this extended period of disruption, 20201. January 1st won’t bring a totally fresh view of the months ahead. We are in a state of ongoing flux. That demands new ways of collaborating and creating strategies to survive and thrive.

We shifted early in 2020 to adapt the Brainzooming tools you know and depend on. Our goal? To rethink strategy planning so that you don’t give in to the crippling belief that with all the disruption, it’s better and easier to wing it than to plan and implement. Our three big themes:

  • Quit hoping for the new normal; it’s all about the new important for you.
  • Strategy planning needs to be accomplished in brief time windows. Like in increments of thirty minutes.
  • The best strategy tools for right now combine the old, the adapted, and the new. And mini-plans are so much better than no plans at all.

We want to help you thrive throughout 20201 with Brainzooming tools created and updated based on these three themes. You can see me talk more about that in this video.

What is your strategy for 20201?

In the weeks ahead, look for updates from Tara Baukus Mello. Tara and I will be getting you exercises, question sets, and tools that will make strategy planning quicker, more productive, and still fun, even during 20201! You can even let us know which areas are most important for you right now so we can prioritize those for you.

Ahead of that, if you and your team are struggling to think about how you will develop strategy through video conferences, Brainzooming can make your next meetings to envision your 20201 strategy a Blast! – Mike Brown