Yesterday’s video with innovation gurus Stone Payton and Todd Schnick was shot last Wednesday night at #InnobeerATL, a get together planned for the original #Innochat innovation guys along with friends from Atlanta and some of the AMA Marketing Research Conference and social media team.

#Innobeer is the moniker for in real life meetings among those participating in #Innochat. It was originally coined by some of the new innovators behind #Innochat, but when getting together with Stone and Todd, it seemed quite obvious that the descriptor was a great name for our event.

Among the great friends joining us was Lynn Keenum, a former sales VP at Yellow Transportation, where I worked for many years. Lynn, quite frankly, is not only one of the funniest people I know, in “retirement,” he is reaching out to combine his love of horses with providing therapy for young people with learning and developmental challenges. It’s truly a wonderful calling, and Lynn is the perfect person to be at the center of it.

While he was at #InnobeerATL, Lynn told one of my two favorite stories of his – recounting his take on Tom Peters speaking to the first Yellow Transportation customer conference in 2000. Peter’s speaking approach and atypical use of Powerpoint (big words, lots of color) prompted a big revision in my own Powerpoint presentation style.

Nonetheless, Lynn’s take on the presentation, recounted in this video, is the memorable image which most sticks with me from Tom Peters’ speech more than 10 years ago. Enjoy! – Mike Brown