Creativity has been the theme here the past week, and it carried over to an appearance on Intrepid Radio hosted by my good friend, Todd Schnick. During the show (dubbed “The Brainzooming Episode” by Todd), we talked about a variety of creativity-related topics, including:

  • Why certain people are unwilling to share creative ideas as they’re being formed
  • Differences in triggering organizational vs. personal creative awakenings in business
  • How “Sgt. Pepper’s” by The Beatles was innovative while The Who’s “Lifehouse” was creative

This last discussion about the difference between “creativity” and “innovation” that Todd raised prompted the chart at the right.

In our discussion, Todd shared his view that something is innovative only when it’s successfully implemented. While I’ve certainly considered “deviation from the status quo” as a common characteristic of “creativity” and “innovation,” I’ve not considered successful execution as a dimension to separate the two. It’s an intriguing idea though, and one, as I told Todd, I’ll be thinking about for a while. Visit Todd’s website to download the “The Brainzooming Episode,” or you can also find Intrepid Radio on iTunes. – Mike Brown

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