Cheerleading for creativity in business isn't difficult.

Yet, you see people, departments, and organizations where overtly expressing creative appreciation doesn’t happen naturally – or happen at all.

It could be nobody realized it is good business and good manners to appreciate creativity in business. Maybe it never occurred to anyone that celebrating creativity in business inspires creativity in others and leads to more ideas.

If you are a leader (or even if you're not a leader) where creativity in business is under appreciated, how about changing things for the better?

48 Creative Appreciation Ideas to Cultivate Creativity in Business

If this is something people struggle with in your organization, here are 48 creative appreciation ideas you can start using in meetings. Surely you can find at least ONE of these examples to celebrate creativity in business in your workplace.


You could appreciate:

  1. Something new
  2. Something that was made to seem new
  3. A clever idea
  4. Someone who tried harder than ever (or even harder than normal)
  5. An idea that made you stop and think
  6. A new thought that you had never thought previously
  7. The volume of ideas someone generated
  8. Thinking of another way to do something you have only done one way until now
  9. People who collaborated for the first time
  10. Someone showing appreciation to others for their creativity
  11. A different creative spin on an old idea
  12. Something ingenious
  13. Something funny
  14. Something surprising
  15. An idea likely to gain someone important's attention
  16. An idea aligning with the company strategy
  17. An idea aligning with the objectives it was supposed to support
  18. An idea that's not the same old, same old
  19. A person who trying for the first time to share a creative idea
  20. Someone who went against the status quo in a daring way
  21. The person who took a smart creative risk
  22. A person looking for affirmation before sharing another idea
  23. The way someone communicates a creative idea
  24. A story that went along with the idea
  25. How someone depicted an idea visually so others could understand it
  26. The way an idea fits with an earlier idea
  27. The way an idea makes another idea better
  28. An idea magnet in your midst
  29. Being in a creative environment where creative ideas are appreciated
  30. Someone proposing an idea leading to new learnings
  31. An idea intended to try something bigger than anyone has tried before
  32. Someone willing to take a crack at solving something everyone else fears tackling
  33. Someone willing to share the creative inspiration behind the idea
  34. Someone who saw an opportunity or challenge differently than everyone else
  35. The most junior person in the room contributing ideas
  36. The person in the room that always has great ideas
  37. The person willing to not judge a creative idea too early when it wasn't fully formed yet
  38. Someone coming up with an idea through connecting two things you wouldn't ever think could be connected
  39. An idea that seems destined to win a prize
  40. How excited someone is about an idea
  41. A unique idea
  42. The creative idea someone just presented to you
  43. The end of a creative journey
  44. The person who never receive appreciate for creativity
  45. The person not taking the easy way out creatively
  46. The first idea shared
  47. The last idea shared
  48. Every idea in between the first idea and the last idea shared

Just as it only takes one person applauding enthusiastically in a crowd to get everyone else applauding, just one person expressing creative appreciation could make it natural for a department or organization to respond in a similar manner.  - Mike Brown

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