imageA prospective client asked about the brainstorming dynamics we address to generate a large volume of new ideas and concepts to replenish a new product pipeline. My short answer was, "It's all in the collaboration math."

While that's the short answer, it's also the answer at the heart of designing a Brainzooming creative thinking session so it generates many new ideas.

Collaboration Math and New Ideas

As we identify a client's objectives and desired outcomes, it comes down to the collaboration math of how much creative thinking productivity we need from a group to generate the desired volume of new ideas. Among the variables we evaluate are:

  • The number of diverse participants
  • How much time we have for creative thinking
  • The inherent productivity of various creative thinking exercises
  • How many people will be able to share new ideas simultaneously

When you start putting numbers to those variables, you quickly get a sense of how many new ideas a brainstorming session will yield.

Turning Creative Thinking into Ideas

Once the math is done, that’s when the real work starts of actually arranging, designing, and structuring the Brainzooming creative thinking exercises to bring the math to life!

So how many new ideas do you need? We’d be happy to do the collaboration math AND turn it into actual ideas! Just call or email to get started! – Mike Brown


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