I’m fascinated with how to expand your creative thinking skills through powerful questions. My fascination goes back years. Since starting Brainzooming, we’ve especially seen how the right questions make it easier for people to generate ideas they wouldn’t otherwise imagine.

While working by myself on our marketing plan, I realized a new way to think about creative thinking questions. When you don’t have anyone around to help push your thinking, creative thinking questions stand in for the person who routinely asks, “Hey, have you thought about it THIS way?”

When I was a corporate marketing VP, multiple people would dependably and constructively challenge my thinking. Some were co-workers; others worked at our advertising agency or were freelancers in our marketing department. No matter where they lived organizationally, asking me if I’d thought about something in a different way was ALWAYS valuable.

Questions provide detours to your creative thinking skills, routing them in new ways.

As an entrepreneur, you don’t necessarily have a big team to engage for creative thinking. That’s where, when you are working solo, the right question can stretch your creative thinking in dramatic directions. A question can be the perfect vehicle to challenge and expand your thinking in highly productive ways. I think of great questions as providing detours to creativity and strategic thinking. They make you go a different route than you'd originally considered.

Are you recharging your creative thinking skills with these new questions?

Energize creative thinking skills with 49 powerful questions for amazing ideas.

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I’d love for you to enjoy the benefits of the same resource we’re using to grow our business!

And when you get 49 Questions, let us know how you put it to work  to boost your creative thinking skills!  – Mike Brown