You can get six months of work done in a day or you can get a day's worth of work done over six months. There's much to be said for getting the work done quickly . . . If you blink too long, you won't even realize how many creative opportunities you miss. That's why it's good to be around people who will make you open your eyes  . . . If you've been beating up on someone in person, texting to say, "You're sorry" is not appropriate. If you've been talking with a client by phone, and they email you to give you bad news, that's not appropriate. You have to match your primary communication channel for the apology or bad news. It's called "manners" people.

Creative Thinking Thoughts

f-BombDon't rule out the success formula that involves going to where you want to be and sticking it out longer than anybody else does . . . I bought this paperweight at our local art fair. I carried it all the way home without dropping it even one time . . . Things happen for a reason. Things DON'T happen for a reason, too. They're just harder to spot as life goes by . . . Thinking of issuing a new policy that Brainzooming is closed between 11 pm and 5 am.

Imagine an x-y chart where the x-axis is "Level of Precision" and the y-axis is "How Particular You Are." If you're in the "Very Imprecise" and "Very Particular" quadrant, you're in for a miserable life, as are the people around you . . . Who put the "Gives Free Advice" sticker on my back?

Success Reflections

A scary "closed blog" test for bloggers? Give them a list of their own titles containing numbered lists and see how many of the lists they can reproduce from memory. I myself would completely fail that test . . . When an attractive divorced woman posts pictures of her ugly kids on Facebook, it's clear the baby daddy was not living up to his end of the bargain in the looks department . . . If at first you don't succeed, try plugging the device into a different USB port.

Flattery may get you everywhere, but when you plug it into Google Maps, it doesn't know what the hell to do with it . . . I don't plan that far ahead . . . It's the imperfections that make it seem like people were involved.

Sometimes making the next move is the right thing to do. Sometimes it's the wrong thing to do. You gotta be the judge . . . History can be a lot more interesting as history than trying to modernize it and pawn it off as nostalgia . . . #IfIWere22, I'd try to be a lot wilder than I was then, but I'm still not sure I'd have it in me. I'd also meet my potential neighbors before renting an apartment and certainly before buying a house . . . That's all I got. – Mike Brown

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