Giant-Paper-AirplaneOne of the most enjoyable parts of actively engaging in social media has been meeting people I NEVER would have met other than through social networks. As my creative team has evolved since leaving the corporate world, these new online relationships have become increasingly vital in sustaining and expanding creative ideas for me.

What’s been even more exciting than connecting online has been to actually getting to meet a number of online friends in real life.

Creative Ideas with @DoseOfCre8ivity

The latest of these is Melanie Sklarz (@DoseOf Cre8ivity on Twitter) when I was in Cleveland for the Content Marketing World. Our schedules worked out to meet at the airport on my way out of town on Friday night. We had a great conversation, filled with exchanges that went WAY MORE than 140 characters. What a treat!

The best part was that Melanie agreed to talk about her annual creative project, “30 Days of Cre8ivity” which she pursues each June. Here’s our video interview where Melanie talks about her inspiration for the “30 Days of Cre8ivity” and how her creative ideas about the project have changed over the years. Enjoy! – Mike Brown


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