For all the project managers out there - whether you managing project some of the time or all of the time - here are five comparisons to help you think about what you do toward creating greater strategic impact.

Strategic Options

Strategic options are a lot like water.

You can splash around and enjoy them when they are plentiful. You can also drown in them when you can't prioritize and make decisions. Be safe when it comes to strategic options.

Negotiating a Deal

Negotiating a deal is a lot like a car trip.

Depending on who you are doing it with, some of the biggest ones can breeze by, and some of the smallest ones can seem to take forever. Carefully choose who you take along on your trip.

Managing a Project

Managing a project is a lot like filming a movie.

There are many scenes that have to come together in just the right sequence for the movie to work. You may create those scenes, however, in a wildly non-chronological fashion. Become expert at putting the scenes back together in just the right order though.


Complexity is a lot like an unexpected house guest.

It can show up like it's no big deal. Once you've invited it in, however, it can seem as if it takes over and will never leave. Beware the first complexity you agree to that promises it will only be staying "just the one night."

Kindred Spirits

Finding kindred spirits is a completely unexpected blessing.

Cherish every single one of them.  Mike Brown


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