What a strong first day at the Brand Strategy Conference in New York. There were lots of great ideas and very little free time!

The kickoff presentation on the first day was from Kodi Foster, Vice President – Data Strategy at Viacom. Kodi’s presentation focused on fusing creativity and data innovation to drive brand growth.  His discussion on the need to integrate science and art was on the money.

Five Things Your Content Marketing Strategy Should Deliver

While Kodi Foster presented lots of great ideas, that whole very little free time factor necessitates focusing on one item: this photo which details five things Kodi says audiences expect a brand’s online content marketing strategy to deliver for them.

  1. Education – Delivers systematic instructions or provides an enlightening experience
  2. Information – Delivers facts or knowledge about something or someone
  3. Entertainment – Provides amusement or enjoyment
  4. Inspiration – Stimulates the audience to do or feel something
  5. Utility – Provides a useful or beneficial function or capability


His five-points form a strong checklist with which to assess your content marketing strategy. How many of these EIEIU areas does your content touch? And what are you doing to tackle content that doesn’t address ANY of these five areas? - Mike Brown

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