Here's a career success idea that can provide returns in multiple dimensions of your career: create a “Smile File” to capture good news related your career success.

What's a Smile File?


A smile file is a repository of successes, congratulations, comments, feedback, and other mementos of your career. Some specific items could include:

  • Thank you notes you receive
  • Outstanding job review documents
  • Final recaps on products, services, programs, processes, and other efforts you've managed or contributed to meaningfully
  • Emails you receive as testimonials
  • Photos of great team performance
  • Copies of materials you've produced that have exceeded expectations
  • Notes and kudos from co-workers

That's simply a starting list.

Basically anything that brings to mind a career success and brings a smile to your face when you see or remember it is fair game for your smile file.

How does a smile file help your career success?

  • When updating your resume or LinkedIn profile, these items are wonderful reminders of things to include
  • If you're having a "I'm a fraud day," your smile file mementos will demonstrate you really aren't a fraud.
  • They will cheer you up on bad days
  • They can help you prepare for your next job review
  • It's tangible evidence when people question the impact of things you are addressing in your job

It’s a simple idea, but a smile file can make all the different on a bad day when it seems you’re having anything BUT career success.

Trust me . . . it works! - Mike Brown

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