Despite Seth Godin's career strategy warning to not wait around for people to select you, there are plenty of situations where someone else has had to select you as THE RIGHT PERSON.

It might be a boss that recruited and hired you for a new job. Someone may have given you a reference in a business or social situation. People paid money to see you lead a workshop at a conference.

In each case, another person put himself or herself on the line indicating they prefer YOU.

That's a good thing when it comes to your career strategy.

That's a HUGE thing.

Yet, I have been running into people that instead of basking in the very visible signs of support others have demonstrated are waiting around for the other shoe to drop. They are dreading when the previously supportive people will publicly disapprove, challenge them, or call them out as frauds.


If you are facing a similar situation, think about this: The person that has selected you has a vested interest in your success. If this person does an about face and says you are a bad choice, misdirected, and not the best person available, who does that reflect upon?

Not you.

It reflects on the person that selected you.

That person would look to be mistaken, ill-informed, inattentive, or a poor judge of people. No one wants to be the person having to self-admit such things.

If you really doubt a supporter’s intentions toward you, try operating as if the person that selected you wants YOU to be fantastic and is definitely going to be your biggest fan!

Because when you succeed, your supporter looks smart.

So quit worrying, dreading, and anticipating the worst.

Concentrate on delivering and making your BIGGEST FAN look like the SMARTEST person in the world. Expect the best from the relationship. Then everyone will be happy! - Mike Brown

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