As the Tuesday post highlighted, we participated in the Freelance Exchange of Kansas City Portfolio Showcase yesterday. It was an experiment with some clear positives and a lot of "we'll sees" based on recapping our strategy and implementation during the drive home.

One of the "interesting" items in our Plus-Minus-Interesting-Recommendation review was the number of people familiar with Brainzooming through Twitter. For a brand that was a part-time effort until late last year, it's evidence of the impact social media channels can have in building awareness and creating a perception of what a brand stands for in its initial stages. It certainly helps get an in person conversation started when someone has a sense that Brainzooming is focused on helping organizations be more successful through more innovative approaches to their strategy and its implementation.

This opportunity to create familiarity through social media underscores the importance of thinking about what you tweet or post, and its consistency with your brand - be it a personal or business one. Ample reason to ask before you hit enter, "What might a current or potential client read into or think about my brand based on this message?"

And while you're at it, if you're representing yourself directly in social media, ask the same question relative to your mother, spouse, children, current employer, future employer, and anyone else who'll make a decision about you in the future.

Yes, it's social media. Yes, it can be fun. But be sure you're strategically tweeting, blogging, and sharing out there! People ARE listening. - Mike Brown