Twice in the last few weeks, a big time "verified account" Twitter rock star expressed disillusionment over social media because....THEY WEREN'T BEING HEARD!

In @Scobleizer’s case it was because no one had responded to a tweet telling them their Twitter feeds should be geocoded, as his is. In the case of @leolaporte, it related to his blog post expressing disillusionment that his Google Buzz messages had gone missing for days without anyone noticing.

So all of a sudden two guys who both have orders of magnitude more followers than people they’re following (more than 6x for @Scobleizer and 165x for @leolaporte) experience varying degrees of social media-related existential angst because no one was listening to THEM?

As my grandfather used to say, “Poor baby!”

Just because these guys get a taste of what social media is like for lots of people trying to find the right content to share with the right audience, with no guarantees of how well they’ll do in meeting audience needs and getting people to respond and engage in conversations on meaningful content…just because they experience it, they’re ready to cry foul or maybe even ready to declare the social media party is over?

As Steve Martin used to say, “Well, excuuuuuuuuusssssse ME!”

Hey guys – go find a sympathetic audience someplace else. Even adulation for rock stars fades when audience interests wane. Maybe it’s time for a comeback? Or time to reinvent yourselves? Or maybe go back to playing the small, intimate venues all the budding social media rock stars do while trying to get a break so they can be heard too. - Mike Brown

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