Thanks to an invitation from Seth Simonds, I've started contributing to Stepcase Lifehack, a top 100 Technorati blog featuring pieces on productivity, personal improvement, and other life "hacks" to improve yourself.

My first submission based on the creative and innovation strategy written about here at Brainzooming is "8 Ways to Bring Your Creative Passions to Work." The response to the piece has been quite gratifying and demonstrates the benefit of getting articles in front of a very large audience. Look for new bi-weekly posts from Brainzooming over at Stepcase Lifehack.

This photo illustrates a great example of someone carrying out a strategy to be more creative at work. Shopping the deli case at our local Hen House Market for dinner, I came upon this ham salad, shaped and decorated as a pig. While I don't usually want to dwell on what my food originally looked like, this represents a wonderful way to bring a passion for art to a deli counter job.

Yes, you truly can insert creativity into any job. You simply have to be creative in how you do it. Check out the piece on "8 Ways to Bring Your Creative Passions to Work" for ideas on how to get started!

And speaking of a taking a creative approach to an age-old experience, here's a link to my advice on getting more creative pop out of your Fourth of July fireworks this year! Be safe!  - Mike Brown