Always watch out for the quick, "just go with it" ideas presented to you. While it's really cool when the first (often "obvious") idea works, at least ask the question, "What about the idea might not make sense?" In asking the question, force yourself to explore all aspects of the customer experience which might readily not fit with the idea. Doing this helps eliminate the awkwardness of moving ahead with a first idea which doesn't really make sense.

I'll share an example close to home illustrating the point.

We have a great offer $100 discount offer for the American Marketing Association Marketing Research Conference in Atlanta. It's available to anyone attending last week's virtual conference, "Unveiling Marketing Research's Future Online." Since I'm chairing the in-person conference, Brainzooming readers can also use the $100 discount if you register by July 2. The September conference is an outstanding learning and networking opportunity featuring presenters with strong points of view and a few surprises thrown in, all in keeping with its "Unfiltered Perspectives, Unexpected Opportunities" theme.

Back to that great $100 discount off for VIRTUAL event attendees. How do you take advantage of it?

By CALLING 800-262-1150 and using the reference code "VIRTUAL."

Just CALL and use the code "VIRTUAL."

Something about that doesn't make sense does it?

When I asked about having to call to get the discount, it's because of technical limitations with the registration system. Whatever. The "first idea" of making the discount code "VIRTUAL" makes sense if people can register directly within the virtual environment (or at least online). When you have to make a phone call though, it doesn't make sense any more. At that point, it makes much more sense to pick something related the in-person event, such as "UNEXPECTED" or "ATLANTA" neither of which point right at our registration limitations.

Certainly not the end of the world, but all preventable by asking, "What about the idea might not make sense?"

Irrespective of the registration code, though, check out the lineup for the event and take advantage of $100 discount offer. It truly is the best value in a market research conferences you're going to find.

And remember, just mention "VIRTUAL" when you call. - Mike Brown