Suppose you are stuck with a crappy project at your job.

Further suppose, you cannot really get out of it in any way that will lead to future career success.

So it is easy to feel like you are stuck with a crappy project that has nothing but “loser” written all over it.

Do you have any options?


Sure, you have options.

You can transform a crappy project, with a little thinking and a lot of ingenuity, into something that CAN lead to career success.

7 Ideas to Transform a Crappy Project into Career Success

You could:

  • Take time to imagine previously unsuspected upsides that make it worthwhile, even if you have to make them up.
  • Think seriously (and lie to yourself if necessary) about whether all the downsides you imagine with this crappy project are likely to happen.
  • Modify the project so it looks like a great project you have been successful with previously.
  • Figure out a way to renegotiate expectations or other particulars of the crappy project to make it less crappy.
  • Approach it your own way so that even if it is a crappy project, you can put your own personal stamp on it.
  • Use this opportunity to experiment like crazy so it becomes an incredibly new learning experience.
  • If you feel very confident, completely change the objectives and approach in whatever way that delivers more value for the organization.

Hey, it is a crappy project . . . what do you have to lose from trying to transform it with a completely unconventional strategy that could ultimately lead to career success? – Mike Brown

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