I spoke for the third time recently as part of an internal leadership development program for a client organization.

Across the three creating strategic impact workshops, the client has made significant changes to its multi-day program. The modifications have had ripple effects on the creating strategic impact workshop, including changes to its location, length, day of the week, time of day, and room size / configuration.

We've also changed the workshop's content and format each time to dial in the content specifically for the attendees' complex needs.

That's a lot of change.

And, at least from my perspective - and from attendee feedback - this recent workshop was the most successful presentation so far.

5 Ways to Help a Speaker Deliver a Successful Presentation at Your Event

Event-AudienceA major part of the success is the internal event organizer's ability, determination, and eagerness to improve the overall program for attendees. Those positive characteristics spill over into her willingness to create an environment where the speakers can help her be most successful in her objectives.

Her willingness to share information and actively work with us is wonderful and NOT something you always receive as a speaker.

She knows details in five areas that allow a speaker to deliver a successful presentation, all for the benefit of the attendees, by providing:

  • Updated learning objectives for the event
  • A thorough description of the audience members, including the relevant current opportunities and challenges they face that speakers can help them address
  • What they know or will have learned before the workshop
  • The type of experience the client wants the audience members to have overall and from the workshop
  • Ways other speakers have successfully approached the audience previously

If you organize events or even a single speaker for a learning opportunity for your company or association, ask yourself whether you can address these five areas to help your speakers deliver for you and your attendees.

If you can’t address them now, it’s worth the time and effort to be ready to provide this information as you start recruiting a speaker you hope will deliver a successful presentation at your event. Mike Brown


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