careerThere's no better time than this week to revisit where you are in your career strategy and determine where you are on track and where you aren't.

Here are five pieces of career strategy thinking to consider:

  1. The more focused you can be with your career strategy, the easier it is to network and sell what you do. While it’s noble to resist labels, resisting labels can also cripple you.
  2. Make sure you have ways to remind yourself of your goals – both obvious ways and surprising ways that will keep  your career strategy goals in front of you when they are the furthest thing from your mind.
  3. Persistence can get you far in your career, even if your talents aren’t that strong. Unless you up your talents though, you won’t be in a position to beat persistence plus strong talent. Be persistent about honing your skills and consistently over-investing your time and mental energy on what will allow you to become what you most want to be.
  4. Many people choose to take the maximum amount of time to come up with the minimum number of ideas. Be different and take a minimum amount of time (using creative thinking tools) to come up with the maximum number of ideas.
  5. There are some people who will contact you and need to network and talk because it’s urgent and important. You talk and there’s never anything that happens afterward. Fall for it twice, but not three times. And never introduce them to anyone in your close circle. - Mike Brown


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