If you're company follows an annual strategic planning cycle, you may still be grappling with developing next year's plan. Maybe you haven't even started the strategic planning process yet? I hope that's not the case, but I understand the realities of business these days. It's a very possible that November and December are the time for your strategic planning process, not August and September.

3 Strategic Planning Process Guides – Whether You’ve Started or Not!

No matter where you stand on developing strategy in your organization, here are three valuable guides to improve your performance:

Haven’t Started Strategic Planning Yet?

If you haven't started planning yet, PLEASE download our Brainzooming strategic planning process guide: Right Now! 29 Ideas to Speed Up Strategic Planning. This guide shares secrets to removing unnecessary steps from strategic planning, taking advantage of information and strategy frameworks you can reuse, and doing everything possible to speed up developing strategy so you'll be ready to go next year.

29 Ideas to Streamline and Speed Up Strategic Planning - Free Ebook Download

Making the Case for Investing in New Initiatives?

For those of you that have completed developing your strategy and are trying to make the case for investing in next year's initiatives, we have a Brainzooming guide for you:  3 Ways to Turn Budget Meetings into Strategic Activities. With budgeting meetings ahead of you, this guide offers multiple ideas to make all those conversations with finance strategic AND productive. Turn Budget Meetings into Strategic Activities

Already Focusing on Strategy Implementation?

And if you are already done with planning and now addressing implementation, download our “going from strategy to doing guide,” Fast Forward – Successfully Implementing Your Plan.  This guide focuses on the best ways to communicate, lead, and launch new strategic initiatives to maximize their impact for your organization and its results.

Download Fast Forward Today!

Trying to launch collaborative, innovative strategic planning?

We also have you covered there! Let's talk about how we can jump start your planning and new initiatives by bringing the Brainzooming planning process to your organization.

You'll save time, explore new opportunities, and get all the benefits of concentrating on your business while Brainzooming translates all the strategic conversations and ideas into a streamlined plan that's ready to implement for success! Let us know, and we'll get a call booked to discuss the options!

We Match the Help to Your Strategy Objectives

No matter WHERE you are in planning, Brainzooming has you covered with actionable help!

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