In an innovative strategy for the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Innovation Conference, a social media team of marketing communications and social media professionals will be covering the live innovation event through live tweeting, blogging, video, photography, and LinkedIn. The Brainzooming Group is producing the social media team and content for The Chamber.

This array of social media efforts will provide a content-rich experience to both attendees and those who can only attend the Innovation Conference virtually.

The social media team will be adding to the Innovation Conference by allowing attendees to:

For those who are able to attend in person, there are even more ways to get engaged with the social media effort:

  • Tweet with the Social Media Team - Do your own live tweeting during the Innovation Conference using the #GKCCCInno hashtag.
  • Learn and Share Knowledge with the Social Media Team - The social media team is comprised of some great marketing communications and social media professionals. The conference provides a great opportunity to network, share best practices, and talk about new ideas on various topics.

Innovation Conference Segments with Specific Session Codes

To follow session-specific Innovation Conference content on Twitter, you can track the following codes the social media team will be tweeting:

Opening Keynotes

  • Fared Adib, Vice President, Product Development & Operations, Sprint Hashtag & Code: #GKCCCInno s1
  • Brand Transparency - Marketing in the Digital Age Matt Anthony, CEO, VML   Hashtag & Code: #GKCCCInno s2

9:05 a.m. Breakout Sessions

  • Life Sciences and Animal Health Panel Hashtag & Code: #GKCCCInno s3
  • Manufacturing and Transportation Panel Hashtag & Code: #GKCCCInno s4
  • Business and Financial Services Panel Hashtag & Code: #GKCCCInno s5

10:35 a.m. Breakout Sessions

  • Technology and Communications Panel Hashtag & Code: #GKCCCInno s6
  • Clean Technology/Alternative Energy Panel Hashtag & Code: #GKCCCInno s7

11:30 a.m. Closing Keynotes

  • Michael Song, Ph.D., Institute Director for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Henry Bloch School of Business and Public Administration, University of Missouri-Kansas City   Hashtag & Code: #GKCCCInno s8
  • Nick Donofrio, Senior Fellow, Kauffman Foundation   Hashtag & Code: #GKCCCInno s9

Join us in person at the Innovation Conference this Wednesday if you're in Kansas City. If you can't be there, follow the Innovation Conference via social media. It will be a great learning and innovation instigating event! – Mike Brown

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