If you're creating a successful business strategy, you need at least two vital ingredients to complete it:

Some people are incredible at sharing the vision. They have big ideas, see exciting possibilities, and can paint a picture of how the future will look. At the same time, they struggle to translate their vision into specifics that others can interpret and execute.

Other people focus on doing stuff. They want clear direction, so they can begin the doing part. Or maybe they don't really want the direction; they just want to start doing what they know because they know it and it's familiar. Asking them the big picture of where all the activity is headed, though, stumps them.

Review the business strategy you are developing.

  • Does it share a vision?
  • Does it offer tangibles that clearly communicate what the vision means and what strong performance looks like?

Can you answer YES to both questions? Then you are ready to exploit this formula:

Vision + Tangibles = The Basis for Implementing a Successful Business Strategy

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