Writer's block is miserable. What situations cause writer's block?

1.  When you don't care about a topic.

2.  When you don't think anybody else cares about the topic either.

3.  When writing feels too much like solving a math formula.

4.  When you've had too much to drink.

5.  When you haven't had enough to drink.

6.  When you're too tired.

7.  When you're too frustrated.

8.  When you're too self-satisfied.

9.  When you'd rather be doing anything else but writing.

10. When someone's expecting you to write.

11. When someone's depending on you to write.

12. When you're distracted.

13. When you're too focused on another chore.

14. When your inspirations aren't inspiring you.

15. When you're too obstinate to force yourself to simply start writing something.

After a week away from writing daily on the blog, when I got to reason 15, I finally started writing this post.

What situations cause writer's block for you? How do you break your creative blocks? – Mike Brown

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