1. Never price what you do so low that you resent doing it or serving the customer paying the low price. You’d both be better off if you didn’t do business together in the first place.

2. When you're most certain of how something HAS to be done, it's the right time to think of another way to accomplish it.

3. If you have limited time with people, give them big ideas. Don’t bog them down in little details.

4. I came home from working out one night this week to find a former employee of mine had dropped off her very special pumpkin bread for us. That just jumped to the top of my measures of employee loyalty!

5. If your blog posts aren't any longer than tweets, maybe you should look at cutting back on your blogging.

6. It’s a gift to be able to know when you are being an idiot and do something about it. It sucks when you're "not sure" and you "can't."

7. We live in a world where a public apology now seems to count for more than a personal, private apology. That is a completely mistaken belief.

8. The holidays will make some people do some pretty unusual things. How about not using the holidays as your excuse for change, and just doing what you know you need to do anyway?

9. I heard a commercial for Downs, KS last week. The tagline was, "Experience Downs this Christmas." Somebody needed to stop that before it hit the airwaves.

10. Here are 3 things which aren't valid local news: 1. Shopping. 2. The results of the local station’s network's reality TV show. 3. Its news anchor's daughter getting married.

11. The dark side of cloud computing? When the clouds have rain in them or suddenly disappear, you're screwed.

12. Somebody tweeted that November 24 was Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day. I replied that my unique talent is ignoring quirky holidays.

13. You may not get to keep all your progress, but you also don't have to stay mired in all your setbacks!