I saw a Forbes click bait story on Facebook about THE thirteen "habits of exceptionally likable people."

Just to be obstinate, I refused to click the link to discover what the Forbes blog writer had to say about his or her perspective on these life lessons.

13 Characteristics of a Likable Personality


Instead, I decided to create my own list based on the likable people I have had the blessing to meet throughout my life. Based on those experiences and life lessons, someone with a likable personality:

  1. Is comfortable with themselves.
  2. Possesses a sense of wonder.
  3. Is interested in many things and does not fixate on narrow topics.
  4. Radiates energy and a positive spirit.
  5. Has an open mind.
  6. Is adept at self-deprecating humor.
  7. Smiles at others.
  8. Instinctively knows when you need him or her to be around.
  9. Is happy to see you.
  10. Tells you nice things about you that you did not even know yourself.
  11. Listens intently.
  12. Laughs readily.
  13. Will go out of his or her way for you without mentioning it later.

That list reflects the characteristics of someone with an exceptionally likable personality in my book.

What does your list look like?

And how many of your most likable characteristics do you display yourself? Maybe THAT is the most important question!  – Mike Brown


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