A request to share Twitter Tips was tweeted by Chris Lucas of Gold Coast Social Media Marketing. Chris' request seemed like a great "Top Ten Time Waster," so sitting on the couch, I got my brainzooming by tweeting Twitter Tips ideas. Some of the Twitter Tips wound up in this week's who to follow and who not to follow article. Among the other Twitter tips, there are, ideally, several to benefit to both new and avid users when it comes to apps, engagement, and experimenting:

1.  Not all apps (Twitter.com, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Tweetchat.com, etc.) handle every tweeting situation well. Get familiar with several apps so you have some flexibility.

2.  If you're getting in the Twitter pool, show up regularly. If you're looking for engagement, don't dive in, make a huge splash, and then disappear for weeks.

3. Experiment all the time. It's only 140 characters, and it goes by really fast, so try things out frequently.

4.  Here's a secret: a lot of so-called Twitter experts are full of themselves. Or full of s#!*. Or both. Proceed with caution.

5.  Pay attention to how tweeters who are really active use it, but decide for yourself whether their tactics make sense for you.

6. Follow the tweeters who people you find interesting interact with regularly. It's better than blindly clicking on #FollowFriday recommendations.

7.  Set up searches for terms and ideas important to you. People using these terms provide great opportunities for new interactions & relationships.

8.  Pay close attention to @Mentions. These are also openings to extend conversations with interesting people.

9.   Don't suck up to Twitter rock stars. Invest the energy you'd expend with them helping people less experienced than you are.

10. If you're not getting engagement with others maybe it's because:

  • ALL you do is make pronouncements.
  • You don't try to listen when people reply to you.
  • There are no @ replies to others in your last 20 tweets.

What tips would you add? - Mike Brown

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