Last Friday's Brainzooming blog post received very kind comments and attention. The irony is for as much as I try to write ahead of time, on Thursday night, I didn't have a blog written for Friday morning. In fact, leaving a Social Media Club of Kansas City event Thursday evening, I told reader Pam Hausner  (who was very gracious in her comments about the Brainzooming blog) it was imperative I leave because I had no clue what the Friday post would be.

On the way home, I was thinking of what type of list post I could write, since list posts can be quick blog posts to create. The result was grabbing a variety of tweets on giving yourself a break and publishing it for Friday along with a fun link to Stickman.

The other list post topic idea was this one: what are easy blogging topic ideas, i.e. quick blog posts for when you need to create one in a hurry? To answer that question, here are my top-10 quick blogging topic ideas:

How about it you bloggers? What strategies do you fall back on when you need a quick blog post to meet a publishing deadline? – Mike Brown


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