Conventional wisdom permeates the common no's standing in the way of innovation. That's just reason 1 why conventional wisdom blows. Here are 14 other reasons conventional wisdom blows:

2. It's based on past experiences which could have nothing to do with today.

3. It shoots down different ideas out of hand.

4. It provides an excuse to not try changing the status quo.

5. Nobody has to take personal responsibility for the inertia it creates.

6. It discourages creativity, intuition, and imagination.

7. It reinforces damaging stereotypes.

8. It carries disproportionately too much weight in shaping opinions.

9. It's best friends with the status quo.

10. It weakens a sense of longing for what could be.

11. It digs deep mental ruts.

12. It sanctions all types of laziness.

13. It breeds pride among those inclined to rest on their laurels.

14. It can hide its incorrectness behind misplaced reverence for tradition and past practices.

15. It protects the tenured from having to answer questions.

Work incredibly hard to challenge yourself and those around you to blow UP the conventional wisdom standing in the way of innovation and progress!  - Mike Brown

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