Community Collaboration and Digital Inclusion Case Studies

The collaborative Brainzooming approach to engaging large audiences opens the doors to new insights, opportunities, and actionable strategies. Whether through in-person interactions or Blast! online collaborations, these case studies highlight how incorporating diverse perspectives leads to dynamic community participation, sharing, and impacts.


Capturing Public Aspirations and Needs

Brainzooming organized, designed participant sharing, and reported on a community-wide, open invitation engagement event. We turned perspectives and concerns from hundreds of citizens into actionable digital inclusion priorities and strategies for Kansas City’s Digital Inclusion Coalition.


Community-Inspired Futuring Across Audience Groups

In this engagement with Carbondale 4ABC, we collaborated with city and university audiences to identify critical needs for high-speed internet service, and ways it could align broader economic and public interests within Southern Illinois, driving innovation and economic development.


Identifying Potential Digital Entrepreneurs

We designed and facilitated multiple interactive, online Blast! collaboration experiences with Comeback KC Ventures to frame the scale and scope of Kansas City-based pandemic-related innovation to speed the community’s recovery from the pandemic. The focus areas included health care, education, digital inclusion, and broad entrepreneurship.


Surfacing DEI Opportunities via Anonymous Input

Construction Specifications Institute sought to address diversity, equity, and inclusion challenges in the association and industry. They partnered with DEI expert, Patti Digh, and Brainzooming. We co-facilitated DEI-oriented Blasts! for multiple focus groups.  The safe space that Blast! creates led to participants sharing genuine personal and professional perspectives. 


Engaging All Voices to Shape the Vision

We partnered with the Kansas City Public Library's new CEO of the Kansas City Public to launch a transformation. Through Blast! online collaborations and surveys, employee input shaped the revitalized vision for employee culture, engagement, and the patron experience. Online collaboration also efficiently engaged important community groups for  timely input.

Looking for additional case studies?

When we say that we adapt the Brainzooming Method to fit all kinds of business situations, we aren’t kidding. Whether you are focused on developing strategy, accelerating innovation, branding, professional development, creative leadership, or even something else, we have examples of how Brainzooming delivers results for clients across industries.

If your team or other key audiences are remote, we routinely translate the Brainzooming Method for these client situations with our Blast! online collaboration platform.