Strategic Planning Case Studies

Collaborative strategy extends participation beyond the board room by meaningfully involving individuals throughout the organization to provide insights and input for shaping strategy. The result? Ready-to-implement strategy that is much more robust, and comes together faster than you could have imagined.

Johns Hopkins

Organizational Transformation

In collaboration with the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab shared services groups, we created a fun, comprehensive, and interactive way to develop a 25-year vision and innovation road map, identify and build out a new customer experience, and translate the organizational vision into an actionable implementation strategy.

MMC Corp

Corporate & Subsidiary Planning

We developed an integrated planning process and strategic plans for construction holding company MMC Corp and its largest subsidiaries across the United States.



KVC Health Systems

Top Leadership Change Management

With KVC Health Systems, a not-for-profit organization, we created and facilitated a comprehensive strategic planning process for the nonprofit’s new senior leadership team, incorporating online and in-person collaboration with the entire employee base.

MCT Transportation

Multi-Location Online Collaboration

Facilitated an online collaboration across multiple locations to develop a strategic plan and new brand strategy without necessitating any employee travel.

Nature Explore

Nonprofit Growth Strategy

Formed a strategic relationship with this service- and product-oriented, early education nonprofit to improve its market position, strategic viability, and management focus.

Le Saint Logistics

Implementation Readiness

Designed collaboration exercises and a planning output for the leadership team to quickly develop and implement its plan.

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