Blast! – For Amazingly Productive Online Meetings

It’s our new normal: everyone is having to cancel or adjust to a remote, dispersed audience. From sporting events to daily classes, from conferences to your business team’s meetings. How are things going to get done? One frequent answer is through online meetings.

We all know online meetings can be an unwieldy time suck. And if your organization lacks the best tools and isn’t used to enabling productive online meetings and interactions, the learning curve can be a steep and laborious process. You don’t have time for that. (No one does.)

The good news?

Brought to you by Brainzooming, Blast! provides a proven alternative to enable productive online meetings. One that we use for our clients all the time. One that they rave about. It’s a different kind of online collaboration, one that delivers:

  • Real-time communication that’s tightly focused—unlike the typical conference call.
  • The option for anonymous input that fosters transparency—so you can quickly get right to the heart of whatever matter you’re working on.
  • Reports that capture every idea and update shared during your meeting—so you’re not having to rely on note-taking and memory.

6 Productive Online Meetings Right Now

Currently, we offer six Blast! meeting options to serve your immediate needs. They cover a wide range of typical meeting situations, including project updates, team discussions, problem solving, brainstorming, and developing action plans.

Impact Blast! – An efficient way for remote team members to share project status highlights:

  • Important progress updates for current assignments
  • Current project management statuses across the team

Pulse Blast! – Gain a timely sense of your team’s perspectives on important topics:

  • Individual and collective thinking on concepts and recommendations
  • Sentiments on current or future developments

Painstorming Blast! – A venue for the team to confidentially and honestly problem solve:

  • Identify critical issues standing in the way of results
  • Surface process and performance challenges they face

Innovate Blast! – Tap into team members’ diverse thinking to brainstorm:

  • Dozens of ideas about current situations
  • Potential solutions for important issues

Gameplan Blast! – Begin identifying concrete steps to take action:

  • Start developing and implementing tactics
  • Identify participants and resources to accelerate progress

Sustain Blast! – Collectively determine and analyze:

  • Successful innovation initiatives you’ve developed
  • The wins that stand out, success factors, and how to continue to innovate


How Productive Online Meetings Work with Blast!

Productive Online Meetings
A screenshot from a Pulse Blast! online collaboration meeting.

You pick the Blast! that addresses your objective and provide a few details about how you’d like it to run:

  • We’ll generate a sample invitation with connection information for your participants.
  • Once everyone joins the meeting, you can share an overview of the meeting’s focus.
  • We’ll guide the team through the Blast! exercise to share their individual thoughts and ideas. Everyone can contribute input simultaneously, accelerating the meeting’s pace and results. A pre-established time for each question helps manage the schedule.
  • Everyone can see in real time as the team responds to the questions. No one is worried about choosing their words carefully, because it’s all anonymous. That means you can dive straight into the real issues at hand, in a far more efficient way than you can do during in-person meetings.
  • The chat feature enables you to post reminders, ask questions, etc.
  • When the time is up, we wrap up with comments and feedback.

Fast, simple, and every comment and idea is available in a recap report.

Supercharging Your Group’s Blast! Experience and Productivity

A Blast! makes your team’s productivity soar. Why is that?

  • Everyone  contributes their thinking and perspectives simultaneously, by typing their responses. That translates to a tremendous volume of input per minute (in one recent Blast! meeting, 60% of participants were commenting and sharing ideas every minute).
  • The opportunity for everyone to see all the responses quickly establishes context and group familiarity. That eliminates the tendency for participants to hold back on sharing ideas.
  • BY reviewing input during the online meeting, you can efficiently highlight areas where you want to hear more. That eliminates the time spent waiting while participants report one-by-one  to get to important insights.

Combining these three factors, Blast! creates breakthrough results, even if your team is new to remote working.

Depending on your preferences, you can specify the best meeting experience for your team in multiple ways:

Blast! Organizer Options

  • Share an overview presentation (PDF) to outline the meeting’s focus
  • Audio participation to share background, answer questions, and clarify responses
  • Upfront opportunity to identify questions and topics to focus the meeting

Secure Access

  • Custom URL for your meeting, including selecting password-controlled participation
  • Ability to use your own secured conference call line for audio

Participant Options

  • Anonymous participation or identification by individuals or groups
  • Visibility to personal input only, and/or to all comments

Multiple-Interaction Options

  • Ideas and Reactions: Input directly from your team
  • Grouping: Organizing responses in meaningful categories
  • Voting: Identifying the strength of the team’s sentiment
  • Ranking: Sorting possibilities based on criteria you select

Reporting Options

  • All keystrokes are automatically captured for reporting
  • Multiple formats available: as is (all input entered / organized by participants) or edited (preliminary themes identified in responses)

Don’t cancel any more important discussions or put up with awkward online meetings. Schedule your Blast! today. If you have questions, let us know—we’ll be happy to guide you through the process. After all, innovation and strategy are what we do best.

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