Blast! can deliver an 80% productivity boost for your next meeting! 

Blast! Maximizes All These Vital Collaboration Enablers

With Blast!,
participants can . . .

That Means . . .

Which Improves
Collaboration Math by . . .

Easily engage without any previous experience developing strategy

There are effectively no barriers to including new (and more) participants in Blast!

  • Expanding inclusiveness and diverse thinking beyond the usual participants.
  • Accelerating the number, range, and rate of ideas shared.

Depend on shortening group meetings by 80%

Participating is more productive and manageable, even among busy teams

  • More people fitting a Blast into their daily schedules.
  • Lower organizational stakes and expectations associated with all-day, in-person strategy meetings.

Participate flexibly to manage their time commitments

Participants can engage live and/or return later as their schedules permit to review and add input.

  • Expanding participation via more time to respond after the group’s live Blast! interaction.

Readily share what they know, think, and imagine

Blast! questions encourage sharing whatever a participant can offer to add to overall thinking.

  • Increasing the speed of sharing initial and follow-on ideas through lowered expectations about what constitutes productive input.

Immediately contribute ideas

Everyone can participate simultaneously through keystroke-based input without waiting a turn.

  • Increasing opportunities for everyone to contribute during each Blast!


Blast! Reduces or Eliminates Critical Collaboration Barriers

With Blast!,
participants avoid . . .

That Means . . .

Which Improves
Collaboration Math by . . .

Apprehensions about sharing challenging or politically charged perspectives

People can contribute ideas free of concern about others’ reactions or expectations within the anonymous Blast! environment.

  • Empowering participants to immediately share ideas free of judgment.
  • Supporting more authentic and honest participation when addressing difficult topics.

Challenges contributing ideas due to uncomfortable thinking styles

Quick thinkers can generate multiple ideas in the moment while reflective thinkers can use the Orbit follow-up’s extra time to react and share ideas.

  • Allowing both immediate and reflective thinkers to experience format options that fit diverse thinking styles.
  • Even letting people who think aloud talk about ideas with others before sharing their input.

Disadvantages from participating remotely in a hybrid setting

Everyone anywhere can use text-based collaboration within Blast! to actively participate with comparable impact.


  • Eliminating excuses for excluding diverse thinkers from participating in collaborations.
  • Removing location-bias that typically advantages in-person participants during hybrid meetings.

Enduring unproductive activities and down times during extended meeting

The Blast! modular format supports spacing apart multiple collaborations to allow offline time for processing new input.

  • Engaging participants with further exercises that naturally reflect previous Blast! input.
  • Improving productivity through separating input processing activities (sorting, analysis, etc.) from collaborative meetings.

Meeting distractions when cooped up all day


Busy executives can stay focused and present throughout Blast! collaborations because a 30-minute meeting fits hectic schedules.


  • Focusing more time on generating ideas and sharing perspectives versus catching up drop-in participants about what’s been happening.
  • Allowing those who can’t participate live the opportunity to contribute after the Blast! with full visibility to all live input.