When I run a Dilbert comic strip, it is because there is some core idea or concept within the comic strip that really hits home with a theme we cover on the Brainzooming blog. This Dilbert comic strip’s subject is a little bit different in that it covers something that has not been covered directly here, but is on my mind frequently. The question is how to let people know about what The Brainzooming Group can do and the value we provide clients without violating my own sense that one should never engage in bragging?

If you spend any amount of time listening in social networks, it seems that online bragging  is rampant. If you spend TOO MUCH time listening in social networks, it can make you believe that you have to jump into the same level of online bragging to keep up.

I have had many days where the temptation is to follow Dilbert's perspective, change our messaging direction here and in other social media channels, and engage in the same online bragging game that plays out on social networks every day:

  • Crowing about vaguely detailed client wins
  • Touting significant projects that might not really be all that significant
  • Bragging about everything else happening that can be fabricated into sounding like the most important things ever to happen in business.

However, every time it seems like trying to change our messaging direction is appropriate, there is a signal from somewhere that bragging is not the right thing to do. This one came, interestingly enough, via Twitter this weekend.

What can I say, other than Proverbs trumps Dilbert and online bragging every day of the week! We'll stay focused on accomplishing stuff, one instance of which we'll share, with great humility, tomorrow. – Mike Brown


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