How are you boosting your creative thinking skills in dramatic ways for 2017 and beyond?

If you haven’t thought about it, fortunately for you, there is an opportunity coming up April 2 through April 9, 2017! It features forty-five creativity and innovation experts! And it’s available online and FREE!

The Innovation and Creativity Summit 2017 is a virtual event running from this coming Sunday through the following Sunday. Your FREE registration includes access to at least forty-five all-new interviews with global creativity and innovation experts.Register TODAY! FREE 2017 Innovation and  Creativity Summit Virtual EventNick Skillicorn, blogger and host of the Idea to Value podcast, is the host for each interview. The featured experts include several Twitter friends I’ve never had the opportunity to see share their ideas in person, including:

  • Alan Iny- Head of Creativity at Boston Consulting Group
  • Jorge Barba- President at Baja California Innovation Cluster
  • Paul Sloane- Author of Think like an Innovator
  • Gregg Fraley- Author of Jack's Notebook
  • Holly Green- Founder ofThe Human Factor

Other interviewees include:

  • Karen Dillon- Former editor of Harvard Business Review, Co-Author of Competing Against Luck
  • David Burkus- Author of Under New Management & Myths of Creativity
  • Max McKeown- Author of The Innovation Book
  • Ralph-Christian Ohr- Founder of Integrative Innovation

I neglected to mention: I’ll also have a segment in the summit talking about the value of strategic detours for boosting creative thinking skills throughout strategic planning.

Register TODAY! FREE 2017 Innovation and  Creativity Summit Virtual Event

Register TODAY! FREE 2017 Innovation and  Creativity Summit Virtual Event

We’re looking forward to you joining and learning new innovation and creative thinking skills from all these great experts! – Mike Brown