There was no way not to share this Dilbert comic strip from Sunday where Dilbert once more delves into the world of creativity, this time trying to carry out a creative dating strategy. I've been out of the world of creative dating for a long time, but I'm definitely glad I'm not "out there." I was a lot more left brain oriented way back when and really bad at dating, but putting a plant on my head to demonstrate creativity never even occurred to me.

Is Creativity Simply Random?

What do you think about Dilbert's comment on creativity being random. I think creativity is somewhere between random and there being an algorithm. While there may not be an objective formula available, creative thinking exercises definitely work, even if creative inspiration happens to be lacking at any particular moment when you need it.

We continue to find the right formula depends on not just creativity, but on having people with expertise in the area you're addressing also actively participating in working on creative thinking exercises.

Maybe that's why even with the few creative tools I had back in college, my complete lack of ideas about what worked in dating held me back!

My best creative dating idea was buying this great girl lunch every day during college at Fort Hays State University. Not necessarily the most creative idea in the world, granted, but it did eventually get her to marry me! – Mike Brown

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