Here is the Sunday Dilbert comic strip, with yet another futile attempt by Dilbert’s boss to lead his team in brainstorming for creative new product ideas. As with any recent Dilbert comic strip on coming up with creative new product ideas, it presents a dismal view of creativity at the company where Dilbert works.

By way of contrast, here are two items that can help you think about and enhance creativity in your organization. One of them is even targeted at boosting your creativity when you are working alone!

One Analogy for Boosting Creativity with a Group

I have been thinking about how creative teams or any team you are working with on brainstorming is like a basketball team. Sometimes the five players on the court are great and performing well together as a basketball team. Other times, the five players playing are clearly not the right five, and a basketball coach needs to do something differently whether it is a different combination of players or different types of offensive or defensive strategies. Still other times, the basketball coach needs the team to get the basketball to one particular player and let them make the play by themselves.

If you are going to perform well at basketball or coming up with new creative ideas, you need to have a deep bench, versatile players, a variety of plays, and the right go-to person.

That is why we write about creativity so frequently. There is a lot of work to do have all those options available. To simplify your creative challenges very tremendous efficiency and effectiveness, email us, and we will make it happen for you!

A New Tool for Personal Creativity

There is a new tool for personal creativity from our friend and guest Brainzooming blogger Tanner Christensen who has released the Oflow app for iPhone. The Oflow app offers more than one hundred approaches for boosting your creativity, allowing users to highlight their most productive creativity methods and capture ideas for themselves and to share with others.

You can download Oflow from the iTunes App Store, so check out what Tanner Christensen has brought to the market!

So go out, get creative, and don’t put up with crappy creativity in your workplace like they have to where Dilbert works! – Mike Brown


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